The field of biochemicals is a highly competitive environment, with a multitude of suppliers vying to gain an edge in the market. In this digital age, search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital tool in ensuring that your business ranks high on search engine result pages (SERPs), maximizing visibility and reaching potential customers. Our team was hired to optimize the website of a biochemical supplier in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, and improve its search engine rankings.

Initial State of the Biochemical Supplier Website

Before we began optimizing the website, a quick audit revealed several issues that were likely contributing to its poor search engine rankings. Some of the main issues we encountered included:

  • The website was poorly structured and lacked keyword-rich meta descriptions and title tags.
  • The website had a slow loading speed, indicating the need for image optimization and a review of hosting services.
  • There was a lack of quality, relevant backlinks pointing to the website, a signal to search engines that the website may not be a popular or trusted source of information.
  • The website did not have any active social media profiles, which could help establish the company as a reputable supplier in the industry.

SEO Strategies Implemented

After conducting a thorough audit of the website, we developed an SEO strategy that targeted each of the identified issues. The strategies included:

On-page Optimization

  • Researched relevant keywords and implemented them into the website’s content and meta descriptions and title tags.
  • Added relevant tags to each page of the website, including H1 and H2 tags, to improve the website’s structure.
  • Optimized image sizes and compressed files to improve page loading speeds.
  • Updated the website with fresh content that was both informative and engaging.

Off-page Optimization

  • Conducted outreach to relevant industry publications, inquiring about opportunities to place backlinks pointing to the biochemical supplier’s website.
  • Created a social media presence for the company, focusing on platforms that were popular within the biochemical industry.

Results Achieved

After implementing the SEO strategies on the biochemical supplier’s website, we began to see an improvement in its search engine rankings. Some of the most significant results achieved included:

  • The biochemical supplier’s website rose from page five to page one on Google for its primary keyword within six months of implementing SEO.
  • Monthly organic traffic to the website increased by 80% within the first four months of implementing SEO.
  • Relevant backlinks increased by over 50%, which contributed to improved search engine rankings and increased website traffic.

Key Takeaways

The success of our SEO strategies for the biochemical supplier’s website highlights the importance of a comprehensive approach to SEO. It is essential to consider both on-page and off-page optimization strategies to achieve maximum results. Additionally, keeping an eye on loading speeds, and keeping content fresh and relevant is crucial in ensuring that your website stays competitive and generates the desired results.

At the end of this project, we left the biochemical supplier’s website with a strong foundation to continue improving its search engine rankings. We are confident that by following our integrated SEO strategies, the biochemical supplier in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, will maintain its position as a leader in the biochemical industry for a long time to come.

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