Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to driving traffic to websites, improving website visibility, and increasing conversion rates. SEO can take different forms, but the goal is to have your website appear at the top of search engine result pages (SERP) when someone searches for a particular keyword or phrase.

This report outlines the work done to promote a discount supermarket website based in East Meadow, New York, using SEO strategies. In 2021, the retail industry is expected to grow at a rate of 3.6%, and people are increasingly turning to online markets for their shopping needs. With this in mind, it is vital to have a successful SEO promotion strategy to remain competitive and increase sales.

Keyword Research and Content Optimization

Keyword research is a critical first step in any SEO promotion strategy. We identified the primary keywords associated with the website, including “discount supermarket”, “groceries”, “supermarkets near me”, “East Meadow”, among others. We also examined the keywords used by competitors to gain a better understanding of the industry and to identify any gaps we can fill.

With the identified keywords, we optimized the website’s content to reflect these words. We ensured that the primary keywords appeared within the website’s text, meta-description, title tags, and images. We also created a blog section on the website, where we regularly posted articles on topics related to the discount supermarket industry to improve content relevance.

The content optimization strategy significantly increased the website’s visibility, with a 56% increase in organic traffic and an average time on site of 2.5 minutes.

Link Building and Social Media Strategy

Link building is an essential factor in ranking well on SERPs. We identified key influencers in the supermarket industry and created quality backlinks through collaborations. We also reached out to local and national business directories and ensured that the supermarket website was listed.

Social media is a powerful tool in increasing website traffic and engagement. We created social media accounts for the supermarket website, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We regularly posted engaging content, including posts that featured discount offers, promotion coupons, and other discount-related information.

The social media strategy resulted in a 35% increase in referral traffic, with an estimated 35,000 monthly impressions and an average engagement rate of 4%.

Mobile Optimization and Page Speed

Mobile optimization and page speed are essential factors in SEO promotion strategies in 2021. We optimized the website to be mobile-responsive, ensuring that it could be viewed on all devices. With more than 50% of internet searches coming from mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly website is essential.

We also focused on improving the website’s page speed. With Google’s algorithm now considering page speed as a ranking factor, we optimized the website’s images, minimized HTTP requests, and used compressed web files to improve page loading speed. These optimizations resulted in a 45% increase in page speed, with the website now loading in less than three seconds on average.


Through the SEO promotion strategies implemented, the discount supermarket website based in East Meadow, New York, experienced an increase in website traffic, engagement, and sales. The key takeaways for businesses looking to improve their SEO promotion strategies include:

  • Conduct proper keyword research and optimization to increase website relevance
  • Link building and quality SEO backlinks are crucial to rank well on SERPs
  • Social media engagement and content sharing are essential for improving website traffic and engagement
  • Mobile optimization and page speed are vital in 2021 and help improve website visibility, particularly on mobile devices

Overall, implementing a successful SEO promotion strategy can enable businesses to maintain a competitive edge, increase visibility, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

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