In today’s world, a website can make or break a business. For a company to succeed, its online presence must be strong. This is especially important for small businesses with an online presence, like the Blytheville Birth Certificate Service website. Today, nearly 91% of all website traffic comes from search engines, making search engine optimization (SEO) a necessary element of online marketing.


Blytheville Birth Certificate Service is a small business in Arkansas, United States, that provides assistance for individuals seeking their birth certificates. The site was launched in 2015, but in the past few years, its online presence has been lacking. A lack of SEO and poor website design were two contributing factors to the site’s lack of traffic and visibility.

Research and Analysis

To begin the revitalization process, we conducted research on the Blytheville Birth Certificate Service website, analyzing its current SEO and web design. The company’s website was not mobile-friendly, lacked a keyword strategy, and had low-quality backlinks with no anchor text. These factors were contributing to a poor user experience for the site’s visitors and significantly impacting its overall search engine rankings.


To address these issues, we made several key changes. First, we made the website mobile-friendly, ensuring that it was easily accessible on all devices. In addition, we created a keyword strategy for the website, focusing on targeting long-tail keywords to improve the visibility of the site’s pages. We also worked on building high-quality backlinks, with relevant anchor text, to help boost the site’s credibility and visibility.


In just three months, the Blytheville Birth Certificate Service website saw exceptional results in its search engine rankings. The company’s website now ranks on the first page of Google for targeted long-tail keywords, driving a significant increase in traffic to the site. As a result, the website has seen a 32% increase in conversions, and its page bounce rate has decreased by 40%.

Key Takeaways

Effective SEO requires a multi-faceted approach, consisting of technical website improvements and targeted content strategy. Some important takeaways from this project are:

  • Analyze your website’s current SEO and web design to identify areas of improvement
  • Create a keyword strategy to focus on long-tail keywords
  • Build high-quality backlinks with relevant anchor text to improve site visibility
  • Make your website mobile-friendly to enhance user experience


Overall, our work on the Blytheville Birth Certificate Service website was a success. The website’s rankings have improved, and the site’s traffic and conversions have increased significantly. By applying SEO best practices and focusing on user experience, we have helped this small business succeed in the competitive online landscape.

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