The fitted furniture industry in the US is highly competitive, with many players vying for customer attention. In such a scenario, having a strong online presence becomes crucial for businesses to attract customers and stay ahead of the competition. Our team was approached by a fitted furniture supplier in Coppell, Texas, US, to help promote their website and get it ranked among the top results on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Assessment and Analysis

Before beginning any optimization efforts, we conducted a thorough assessment of the website to identify opportunities and challenges. Our analysis revealed that the website had good content and design but lacked in the following areas:

  • Lack of relevant keywords and meta-tags
  • Poor page load speed
  • No mobile-responsiveness
  • No presence on Google My Business

Based on the assessment, we created a comprehensive plan to optimize the website and improve its ranking on SERP. Our plan included the following:

Keyword Research and Analysis

We conducted extensive research to identify the most relevant and highly searched keywords for the fitted furniture industry. We then integrated these keywords into the website content, meta-tags, and URLs to make it more SEO-friendly. We also added keywords to image alt-tags and included internal linking wherever possible. The result of this effort was a significant improvement in the website’s organic traffic and ranking.

Page Load Speed Optimization

We noticed that the website’s page load speed was slow, which was affecting its ranking on SERP. We optimized the website’s code and images to reduce page load time, resulting in a faster and smoother browsing experience for visitors. This optimization effort not only impacted the SEO rankings positively but also improved the overall user experience on the website.

Mobile Responsiveness

We observed that the website was not responsive to mobile devices, which accounted for a large percentage of internet traffic. We made the website mobile-friendly by making it responsive to different screen sizes and resolutions, using a mobile-optimized design, and optimizing images and content for mobile viewing. As a result, the website not only ranked higher on mobile search engine results but also received a considerable increase in traffic from mobile devices.

Google My Business Presence

We created a Google My Business page for the fitted furniture supplier and optimized it with relevant keywords and information, including business hours, location, and contact details. We also encouraged customers to leave reviews on the page, which helped improve the business’s local search results and increased credibility among potential customers.


As a result of our SEO optimization efforts, the fitted furniture supplier’s website ranked higher on SERP, resulting in increased traffic and higher conversion rates. Our comprehensive approach to optimization, including keyword research, page load speed optimization, mobile responsiveness, and Google My Business presence, enabled us to create a strong digital presence for the business and attract the right audience at the right time.

Overall, our experience with the fitted furniture supplier in Coppell, Texas, US, showcases the importance of a robust and well-executed SEO strategy in achieving online success. By implementing best practices and adopting a comprehensive approach to optimization, we were able to help the business rank higher on SERP and attract more traffic, resulting in increased leads and sales.

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